US dairy industry sued for health claims

THE AMERICAN dairy industry is being sued for advertising claims that regular consumption of milk-based products could help with weight loss.

A woman filed the claim against the US National Dairy Council and several other public bodies and food manufacturers after gaining weight while allegedly following industry-backed scientific advice.

The NDC, part supported by the US government, has spent $200m (£110m) since 2003 just promoting dairy products, including funding research into their impact on weight as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Part of the massive advertising campaign included the claim that three helpings of dairy products a day would fight the flab if calorie intake was regulated.

The NDC reportedly stands by its health claims, but has pulled them from its advertising campaign all the same.

In the UK, the Milk Development Council is spending £4.7m on marketing, including its Naturally Beautiful campaign aimed at encouraging teenage girls to eat “3-A-Day”.

Britain’s Dairy Council also promotes 3-A-Day for weight control, based on American research.


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