VIDEO: NFU challenges Tesco on farm profits

Farm leader Peter Kendall has called on Tesco to help bring profitability back to British farming and put more British food on British plates.

NFU president Mr Kendall said Tesco had re-affirmed its pledges and state they were making progress on sourcing more food from closer to home.

“The clear message from my members is the need to return a fair price for the food they produce,” said Mr Kendall after an NFU Council meeting on Tuesday (23 April).

He added: “No-one is in this business to lose money and so my challenge to Tesco is this; British farming has got to be profitable.

“The only way that farmers can make the long-term investments that are so desperately needed is by making a profit that allows for that reinvestment in their business.

“For this to happen we must have trust and confidence that the commitments being offered by Tesco will deliver.”


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