Wales and Scotland offer woodland opportunities

More than 6,000 acres of commercial woodland has come to the market in Scotland and Wales.

The majority of this is offered through Rosal Forest near Kinbrace in northern Scotland, which has a guide price of £1.75m. The 5,962-acre forest is located within the Strathnaver and Naver Forest area, and is predominantly Lodgepole pine and Sitka spruce.

The forest was mainly established between the 1960s and 1990s and there is a significant area nearing maturity. The new buyer should expect to take over felling operations and a replanting programme.

A wide variety of soils can be found in the forest, ranging from fertile, freely drained mineral soils, to peat.

Well-established timber markets can be found around Inverness and the Moray Coast and there are biomass plant opportunities in Thurso and Invergordon.

Internal farm roads and the A1 and A2 offer good access. All sporting rights are included. (John Clegg & Co 0131 229 4827)

A further 171 acres of productive mixed coniferous woodland, near Banchory in Aberdeenshire, is offered at a giude price of £290,000, with sporting rights. Mongour Hill Wood is part of the Spyhill Forestry Complex and has good access to timber markets.

The woodland was planted in 1981 and is a high-yielding, unthinned Sitka spruce and Lodgepole pine of varying quality. Felling is anticipated in the next five to 10 years. (John Clegg & Co 0131 229 8800)

About 57 acres of woodland has also come to the market near Llandeilo, in Carmathenshire. It is offered at a guide price of £185,000 for the whole, or in lots from £75,000.

Ynys Las Wood and Allt Rhyderwen Golden Grove offer mature Norwegian and Sitka spruce, planted in 1969, and mature oak with some timber production potential. (John Clegg & Co 01844 291 384)


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