Want to be part of fourth series of Kill it, Cook it, Eat it?

The BBC is preparing to film a fourth series of the show Kill it, Cook it, Eat it.

The programme, screened on BBC Three, was launched with the aim of reconnecting the public with where their meat comes from by showing them the whole slaughter process.

It has proved a surprise hit given that it has broadcast graphic scenes involving animals being stunned, killed, bled out and butchered.

The new series will look specifically at attitudes to eating farm animals and explore why some people are vegetarians or vegans.

The show’s producers are looking for intelligent and articulate people to join the debate. It is searching for contributors ranging from vegans to meat connoisseurs to take through the whole supply chain.

Filming will take place in Devon and you will be needed for two weeks in mid-September.

If you would like to be considered, call 020 7033 2289 or email kate.nixon@dragonfly.tv