Website launched to make farmers’ markets more convenient

Kent Farmers’ Market Association, a group made up of the county’s 33 farmers’ market managers, has launched a new website as part of a campaign to address the reasons why people are put off from visiting farmers markets.

Research by the group found inconvenient opening times, not knowing where markets were being held and not actually knowing what markets sold were the biggest reasons people did not visit farmers markets.

To combat these issues, the farmers’ market association has launched a new website which aims to make shopping at farmers markets easier.

The site offers details of the 900 markets held in the county over the year, as well as a diary page that sends automatic email reminders about shoppers’ nearest markets.

The site also includes advice on what foods are in season, from fruit and vegetables to meat and game.

Ben Dent, Kent Farmers’ Market Association chairman, said the website was the first step in making markets easier to find and more appealing to shoppers.”We know we’re only a small part of the solution, but the consumer trends for healthier and greener products are in our favour,” he said.

The Association has already held training workshops for farmers who want to sell their produce, as well as offering advice on regulations, promoting markets and what kinds of produce sell well.

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