Weekly pig prices ease, but demand improves

Although contract pig prices are continuing to ease, there are signs of a little more demand from spot buyers starting to emerge, writes Farmers Weekly commentator Peter Crichton.

The GB Euro Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price fell again last week (ended 30 September), by 0.83p/kg to 144.8p/kg. Of the big four contract abattoir prices shown below, Tulip and Vion dropped a penny, but Cranswick and Woodheads held prices.

• Woodheads: 145p/kg

• Tulip: 142p/kg

• Cranswick: 141p/kg

• Vion: 140p/kg

Spot bacon bidders were prepared to pay 1-2p/kg more than the previous week where numbers were needed within a fairly tight 141-144p/kg range.

Cull sow prices have remained firm despite the euro ending last week on an easier note, closing on Friday (30 September) worth 86.19p.

Weaner prices are struggling, with the latest Agricultural and Horticulture Development Board 30kg ex-farm weaner average still on the slide to £40.38 a head and a combination of high feed costs and a lack of finishing space to cope with extra pigs in the system is causing the damage.

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