Welsh are suffering, too

The Welsh Assembly is being urged to find a way to get money to those farmers in Wales who are yet to see any of their single farm payments.

Although most producers in Wales have had an interim payment, NFU Cymru has pointed out a minority have not and they are now under immense financial pressure.

Union president Dai Davies said:

“There are some farmers in Wales who are facing acute financial difficulties as a result of the delay in payments.

“The late spring and inclement weather have resulted in added costs of production, and many of those still awaiting payments for no apparent reason are becoming both financially and emotionally distressed, with their neighbours having received their interim Single Payment Scheme payments some three-months ago.

“Ideally, we would like to see full outstanding payments being expedited but, if this is not feasible because of delays that fall outside of your discretion, for example confirmation of Rural Payment Agency details, we would like the assembly to investigate part payment to ease the financial pressure on these businesses.”

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