Welsh use CAP money to fund organic farm scheme

Organic farmers in Wales are to get a new package of support from the Welsh government.

Although the level of funding has yet to be announced, organic producers will get access financial support for infrastructure and training.

Wales’ farm minister Alun Davies announced on Thursday (6 February) that the funding would come from the 15% modulation funds that are being transferred from direct payments to farmers to Pillar 2.

“I hope the new scheme provides re-assurance to organic farmers across Wales that this government remains committed to the principles of organic farming as an important part of our wider strategy for agriculture and will ensure that organic farming develops in way that is sustainable and contributes to the future prosperity of rural Wales,” he said.

An important feature of the new scheme is that farmers who join the new standalone Glastir Organic Scheme will be allowed to remain eligible for other parts of Glastir.

Organic farmers will also have equal access to capital support to modernise infrastructure on their farms under the new sustainable production scheme but they will need to have a business plan in place.

They will be able to access funding for training and skills development too.

Although the Welsh government will hope that the scheme entices more farmers to produce food organically, producers will have to prove they can maintain profitability in the long term before they are paid to convert their systems.

It is expected that details on the proposed payment rates will be announced in March.

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