West Country bears the brunt in storm-lashed Britain

Severe storms and gale force winds have lashed Devon and Cornwall over the past 24 hours, causing structural and crop damage.

“There is a screaming gale here at the moment,” said Jeff Thomas, speaking at lunchtime on 10 March.

“We’ve just been tying down the rafters on a big Dutch barn to stop them lifting off. The wind is gusting 80MPH and we are going to be into big structural damage if it gets any faster,” said Mr Thomas from St Just, Cornwall.

With high tide due at 7pm (March 10) the North coast could suffer serious flooding if the wind and rain continued, he added.

Richard Thomas, FW Farmer Focus contributor from Sennen, Cornwall, said the livestock were all indoors and the farm was well battened down. “We are pretty exposed and it’s extremely wild.

The plastic covering on the early potatoes could be somewhere in Wiltshire by now.”

The Helston NFU Mutual office was anticipating a flood of phone calls tomorrow, once farmers had had a chance to survey the damage, said agent Richard Angove. “We have received a couple of calls referring to storm damage but we’ll have a much clearer idea of the likely consequences tomorrow.”

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