What’s a farming girl to do?

An FWiSpace user has been pondering the career options open to a farmer’s daughter, and wants to know – does the land have more to offer than a life in wellies?

Forum user “Puddle Duck” grew up on a small hill farm and is passionate about the countryside, but can’t see herself taking over the family business.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” she writes. “It’s a pretty easy question if you’re a farmer’s son and half keen on this agriculture lark. But what about us daughters? We can’t all be expected to set up house and sell organic cheese at country markets can we?

“I’m looking for a challenging academic career in which I can still be actively involved in the rural community and agricultural industry [but] the perception seems to be that if you’ve got any sense you’ll leave home and find your fortune away from farming. How can an industry turn away its brightest prospects?”

We don’t think Puddle Duck is alone in her “farmers daughter dilemma”, and want to hear from others who have grappled with career choices beyond the farm.

Perhaps you’re a farmer’s daughter who has carved out a career that gives you the best of the countryside without wearing the wellies. Perhaps you’ve left the farm and found your calling in the city. Or maybe, like Puddle Duck, you’re still trying to work it out.

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