Win £200 with new Farmers Weekly Academy scheme

Win £200 towards training – and expand your knowledge and learning – by taking part in the Farmers Weekly Academy.

The Farmers Weekly Development Academy Development Scheme (FADS) rewards a single point to any modules successfully completed on the new bespoke e-learning platform for farmers.

Once a user has accumulated five FADS they will automatically go in to a prize draw on April 30 for one winner to receive £200 towards training, a conference or workshop of their choice.

Further prize draws will take place throughout the year in June, August, October and December of this year.

“Through knowledge transfer and learning we want to help farmers become more productive, more efficient and make learning an activity of self-fulfilment rather than a chore,” says editorial project director Debbie Beaton.

“We hope this incentive will spark an interest in subjects and areas that might not always be specific to someone’s current role, but help expand their horizons and career aspirations,” she adds.

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