Wiseman announces milk price increase from 1 March

Robert Wiseman Dairies has announced that it will increase in its farm gate milk price and back date it to the beginning of March.

The company has confirmed that because a proportion of its customer base agreed to pay more for the milk they buy during that month, it can return a higher farm gate price to all of its producers and co-op suppliers on a retrospective basis from March 1.

Wiseman has confirmed a further increase in its farm gate milk price for April, reflecting additional returns from customers who recognise increased costs on farm and within the processing sector.

The move increases Wiseman’s farm gate milk price for a standard litre to 19.18 p/litre (+0.43ppl) in March, and 19.38 p/litre (+0.63ppl) in April.*

Wiseman’s farm gate milk price from May onwards will be confirmed over the coming month.

Pete Nicholson, Wiseman’s Director of Milk Procurement said: “We presented our customers with details of cost increases on farm and within our own operations, and we are grateful that they have responded positively.

“We have not been able to achieve increases in our returns from all sectors. Fierce competition in the market for milk and fixed price contracts within the institutional and food service sectors, remain a reality.”