Work together, supermarket tells farmers

Working together will help increase profitability in a difficult economic climate, according to Waitrose agricultural manager, Duncan Sinclair.

Speaking at a workshop at AgriLIVE Smithfield, Stoneleigh, he said the reduction in livestock numbers seen over recent years posed a big challenge to the supermarket’s commitment to UK agriculture and UK-sourced protein.

“But through collaboration with the farmer supply chain and processor we can meet these challenges head on.”

A key part of this collaboration was information sharing, said Kate Sutton, of Waitrose’s key beef processor, Dovecote Park.

“This includes information feed back from slaughter, training opportunities, open days and newsletters.

“Our producers are important to use – Dovecote is solely dedicated to supplying Waitrose with beef 52 weeks a year and as such our future collaboration with farmers is essential in order for us to meet these targets.” And with 26 new Waitrose stores opened this year, demand is even greater.