Your family law queries answered free

Family law can be a minefield, which is why getting good advice is so important.

So, if you’ve got a question about family law in a farming situation, then you’ll be interested to hear that a legal expert is dropping by the FWi forums this week to answer your questions.

Jane Keir is head of the family law department at solicitors Kingsley Napley and is an expert on agriculture-related conundrums that require legal assistance.

She’ll be offering advice and solutions in areas including:

* The protection of assets and farming businesses, which may have been built up by the family over generations, through the use of pre-marriage agreements

* Separation of land, premises, animals and other farm assets – rights and expectations when families break down

* The structure and modification of various trust arrangements to help protect and preserve family wealth

* Separation or divorce guidance – and of reconciliation

* Dealing with the division of assets on divorce (including pensions) and the level of child and spousal maintenance

* The preservation of wealth by means of inheritance and other tax planning

* The use of the mediation and collaborative law processes as an alternative means of reaching agreement

* Parent/grandparent access rights

Just leave your questions and comments for Jane here and she’ll be dropping by the forums regularly to respond.

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