10 tips for your Farmers Apprentice video entry

If you’re struggling to put together an entry for this year’s Farmers Apprentice then here’s a few tips to get you started.

  1. Start off by telling us a bit about yourself and your achievements.
  2. What’s your goal in farming?
  3. Tell us why you’re passionate about having a career in farming.
  4. What would you do with the £10,000 prize money?
  5. Don’t be shy – tell us why you’re the next apprentice.
  6. Keep your video upbeat and energetic. Use music to reflect your personality.
  7. The video may only be a minute long, but you need to make it stand-out. Don’t just sit in front of the camera. Think about how you can use different angles and incorporate action shots.
  8. Keep the camera steady – the judges don’t want to feel like they’re on a theme-park ride
  9. Once you’ve finished shooting check your footage. Can we hear you?
  10. Be confident. Rehearse what you’re going to say and don’t forget to smile.

See George Eustice’s example entry below