NFU opens poultry training scheme for young people

A scheme which offers young people in the poultry industry an unrivalled programme of education and experience has opened to applicants.

The NFU, in conjunction with ABN, is looking for 20- to 35-year-olds involved in the sector to take part in its Poultry Industry Programme, which last took place in 2012.

It is a series of six training sessions focused on important areas of both practical business management and the wider industry.

Participants in the last scheme met farming ministers in a lobbying exercise and took part in workshops ran by business leaders.

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A similar programme has been lined up for this year, with topics for study including business planning and an examination of the retail environment for poultry. A session on speaking to the media effectively will also be included.

NFU poultry adviser Helen Hunt said: “I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to bring young entrants into the industry to increase its skill set.”

She added that the 19 candidates from the previous programme had, “all gone on to push the boundaries in the poultry industry”.

Poultry farmer Patrick Joice will chair this year’s sessions. He said taking part in 2012 had been a “great opportunity”.

“Each of the organised sessions were very insightful. But the highlight for me was the lobbying day in London, which included a tour of Westminster and meetings with government on issues affecting the sector. 

“The role of the NFU and what they do to support the industry really came to light.”

Those interested can find out more by contacting NFU poultry adviser Helen Hunt, on 02476 858 622 or by emailing