Cereals 2013: New cultivation range from Knight Farm Machinery

Cereals provided Knight Farm Machinery with the perfect springboard to launch its new range of cultivation kit.

A recently announced agreement with Czech firm Bednar means the Rutland-based company is now the sole importer of a new-to-the-UK range of cultivations-biased equipment.

A new name to these shores, Bednar has actually been building and selling farm machinery across central and eastern Europe for the past 13 years. Knight hopes to use the Czech company’s kit to add to its existing multi-purpose cultivator line-up.

The Fenix FO is designed as a versatile cultivator, offering four rows of auto-reset tines with quick-change points capable of working from 50-350mm deep.

Following the tines is a row of levelling discs and a rear packer roller that can be raised out of work in unfavourable conditions.

Another machine in the Bednar line-up is the Swifterdisc. Its vast width range (from 4.5-14m) significantly increases the working width options Knight can offers its customers.

It uses two rows of 520mm serrated discs and a choice of rear packer rollers to break up and crumble the ground.

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