Cereals 2012: KRM and Spaldings

Spaldings TDF Flatlift cultivator

Lincolnshire spare parts specialist, Spaldings, displayed its new Flatlift subsoiler at Cereals.

Currently available as rigid 3m and 4m widths, there’s the option of rubber, ring-press or spiked-packer rollers. Operating depth (which can be down to 300mm) is adjusted by spacers on the hydraulic ram. A 3m, seven-leg version with packer roller costs £11,700.

KRM-solaKRM NS-Plus drill

Cereals provided KRM with the launch pad for its new NS Plus seed drill.

A direct replacement for the outgoing 799 tine drill, it has several new features. Most notably, the hopper has swollen to 2,000 litres and the metering system has been moved to the side of the hopper for easier access. There’s also a new shaft-and-gear drive to replace the previous chain set-up. Underneath, tine coulters are now spaced over four rows to improve trash flow when working directly into stubble and markers are rear-folding, which saves bending any metal when negotiating trees and posts. Widths extend from the 4m version, costing £20,275, up to the largest 6m unit.