Cereals 2014: Centurion drill marches in

The paint had barely had time to dry on this new 4m prototype version of Great Plain’s Centurion drill.

It’s the first Centurion drill to be fully designed and built at the former Simba headquarters in Sleaford and rolled off the production line the Friday before Cereals.

The new drill is based largely on the maker’s existing 6m machine, but has had a few upgrades. The first of these is a seed and fertiliser option.

This splits the main hopper into two and runs the seed and fert through separate metering systems.

Fertiliser is then precision placed ahead of the main packer using a double disc coulter.

Other changes include better access to the hopper from the front and rear and a new khaki-and-green paint job.

At the front the 4m Centurion has the same twin row of 460mm cultivating discs as the bigger drill.

Hopper weigh cells can also be fitted. These monitor the hopper’s weight and hydraulically adjust coulter pressure to counteract it. This means seed should be planted at a constant depth.

The 4m Centurion will be available in April 2016. No prices are available yet.

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