Cereals 2014: Hopper capacity reaches 1,800kg in Sabre Tine drill

Farmer demand for bigger machines has seen Evesham-based Weaving spread its drilling wings out to 8m and increase hopper capacities to 1,800kg.

The latest and biggest Sabre Tine drills now have steel grain tanks too, rather than the plastic versions the company has been selling for the past couple of years. The rest of the machine remains pretty similar to the existing and uncomplicated tine drill top-seller.

Tungsten-pointed tines are pinned to the end of low-disturbance legs and rip through soil down to 120mm. This provides a subsoiling effect when sowing oilseed rape, and trailing seed tubes can be lifted or lowered behind the leg to adjust the drilling height for those looking for deep tillage but shallow seeding.

The working depth can be controlled hydraulically on the new 6m and 8m drills, while the drills also have RDS auto-calibrating metering and a hydraulic fan gets the seed moving.

Horsepower demands are a pretty low 180hp for the 6m version. It’s best suited to direct drilling and min-tilled land, but it should also run nicely on level ploughed land.

The range starts at 3m, while the price for a 6m version is £27,394.

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