Grassland UK: Keltec gives wrapped bales a gentle pick-up

Looking for a gentle way to shift wrapped round bales?

Irish firm Keltec has been making this unusual round bale carrier for some time but it only came into the UK relatively recently when Devon importer Amia started selling it.

There are three sizes – a 10-bale 1.3m diameter one (the most popular), a 10-bale 1.5m version and an eight-bale 1.3m diameter model.

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You can use it to carry unwrapped bales, says Amia, but most people use it to pick up and drop off wrapped bales.

The bale carriers are slightly oversized so that the bales can be picked up easily. It means they are equally quick to drop off, too.

The eight-bale 1.3m unit costs £15,750, the 10-bale 1.3m unit £19,500 and the 10-bale 1.5m unit is £22,000.

The two smaller models are 7.2m long and run on a single axle, while the 10-bale unit is 8.4m long and has two high-speed bogies.