Livestock 2012: New range of seaweed-based licks

A new range of seaweed-based licks could help livestock farmers keep their stock in optimum health.

The new range of licks from the Glenside Group is based on Seaquim seaweed meal, a high-quality product made from freshly harvested Hebridean seaweed containing more than 60 elements, as well as amino acids and vitamins.

Farmers have been using Seaquim and the old Seaquim bucket range to balance livestock diets for many years, but have been increasingly demanding products tailored to their individual needs, says Ian Robertson, managing director of Glenside.

“This new range will offer users the option of licks containing enhanced levels of elements like copper, zinc, cobalt, magnesium and selenium, so that farmers can use them to address particular shortages that might be occurring on their individual farms.

“We can also add other ingredients like garlic, which is proven to help ward off flies. Farm trials have produced some excellent results, with early users reporting that livestock take to the licks easily and their health and condition benefits as a result”.

The new licks are available in 25kg or 100kg plastic buckets.

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