Livestock 2012: Unique automatic teat dip and rinse system

A unique automatic teat dip and rinse system that can fit any make of cluster could improve parlour efficiency.

The AirWash Plus system developed by Dutch Research and Innovations and T H White improves parlour efficiency by automatically dipping teats and flushing liners.

The system is triggered by the automatic cluster remover (ACR) or by the milk meter at the end of milking. Cows are milked as usual and when the vacuum shuts off, a measured amount of teat dip is sprayed. Once the cluster is released, the inside of the liner is flushed with compressed air and water to remove any milk or dip residue.

Negating the need for post dipping means the parlour process an be speeded up, chemical use and herd health is also optimised claim the manufacturers, The AirWash Plus system doesn’t require farmers to buy specific clusters, as the system will fit any cluster system and will cost between £10,000-40,000 depending on the number of units.

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