Livestock 2013: Feed science forums offer farmers practical guidance

A series of feed science forums, designed to offer practical, science-based advice to farmers, consultants and feed advisers will be held at the Livestock Event.

Presentations will be delivered throughout the two days by some of the UK’s leading nutritionists and technical specialists. Six subject areas will be covered, including balancing metabolism in modern dairy cows, how to practically apply DCAB, frequency of calf rearing and its effect on performance, together with a fresh look at soil, and quality silage making.

Listeners will be encouraged to participate in the sessions using voting keypads. Selected presentations in the forums qualify for CPD points under the DairyPro scheme for professional development.

Mike Steele, from joint presentation organisers British Society of Animal Society, said: “After one of the most challenging 12-month periods, farmers will find the forums will offer really useful advice and simple ‘take-home messages’ on some of the latest research findings that can be used, in discussion with their advisers, to take a fresh look at improving feed efficiency and subsequent farm profitability. The forums will also provide an opportunity for scientists and farmers to talk so they can work together to solve some of the challenges facing the livestock industry.”

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