Royal Welsh Show: McDonald’s introduces Farm Forward students

McDonald’s used its stand at the Royal Welsh Show to introduce the first three students on its new Farm Forward placement scheme.

Agriculture students Chris Fox, Christina Ford and Charles Clack will be spending a year following the McDonald’s beef supply chain – from production on the farm, all the way to serving customers at the McDonald’s counter.

McDonald’s launched Farm Forward this year, as a way of showing its commitment to creating opportunities for progressive young farmers.

“We need to ensure the long-term availability of quality ingredients,” said Joy Clachan, head of agriculture at McDonald’s. “And we need to play our part in supporting the farming community.”

Ms Clachan described the company’s investment in agriculture as “progressive” and said it intended to keep challenging the way it worked “to make sure we are better tomorrow than we are today.”

Watch an interview with Chris, Christina and Charles in our video below:

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