YFF19: Young farmers get chance to take part in epic Wolf Run

Important announcement: The Young Farmers Festival is postponed until 2020, the new date will be announced soon.

Exciting news from the Young Farmers Festival team at Farmers Weekly – festival-goers will get free entry into a super-fun obstacle run held during the big weekend included in their ticket price.

This is all part of Farmers Weekly‘s commitment to lay on a weekend of serious fun for Britain’s hard-working young farmers, giving them an unforgettable weekend of activities, music and memories.

On Friday, 3 May, young farmers will be invited to gather at the starting line of an epic 1km obstacle course called the Wolf Run challenge, designed by award-winning farmers.

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Wolf Run © Wolf Run

© Wolf Run

Imagine the sort of mad and muddy races YFC clubs hold during their county rally – this Wolf Run challenge will be even bigger and better.

What is the Wolf Run challenge?

Wolf Run logo

Warwickshire farmers Charlie and Will Moreton are the guys behind this epic obstacle course set over rough terrain – you might recognise them as the 2018 Farmers Weekly Awards Diversification Farmers of the Year.

The Wolf Run is an acronym for “woods, obstacles, lakes and fields”, which tells you that this is no walk in the park.

Wolf run © Wolf Run

© Wolf Run

This is a high-adrenaline course that will see you running, wading, climbing and crawling your way to the finish line.

Participants will have a blast negotiating a series of about 12 man-made and natural obstacles stacked throughout the course at the Young Farmers Festival host farm in Offchurch, near Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.

Wolf Run © Wolf Run

© Wolf Run

“Although it’s only 1km, it’s going to be action-packed with runners tackling plenty of obstacles,” says the Wolf Run’s Will Moreton.

“People can push themselves as individuals as a great test of their general fitness or have fun as a group of mates helping each other through the course. It’s going to be great fun.

Watch the video below of a full-on 10km Wolf Run to get a flavour of what’s in store at the Young Farmers Festival 2019.

And if you like what you see then you can always sign up for the Spring Wolf run on 13-14 April 2019, which is being held on the same farm as the Young Farmers Festival.

What if I don’t want to take part in the Wolf Run Challenge?

Taking part isn’t compulsory, so if you’d rather cheer on others then that’s totally fine with us. After all, you can’t beat a good bit of people watching.

Is there a prize for coming in first place?

Nothing more than a fuzzy feeling of pride. This isn’t a competitive race, it’s designed purely for a good laugh while putting your strength and fitness to the test.

How much are tickets to the Young Farmers Festival?

Tickets go on sale on 13 March at midday.

Young Farmers Festival 2019 ticket prices

Until 31 March – early bird discounts

  • £125 – a special early bird discount negotiated by NFYFC for all YFC members. We will extend this limited-time offer to members of SAYFC and YFCU
  • £150 – an early bird discount for non-member of any UK YFC organisation

From 1 April to 1 May

  • £175 – standard advanced ticket for all (including UK YFC members)

From 2-5 May

  • £200 – on the day (including UK YFC members)

All tickets include camping, parking, access to all the great activities and entertainment, plus a great British breakfast on the final day. All you need to bring is a tent and spending money for food and drinks.

We’re not accepting group bookings at this time, so everyone who wants to buy a ticket will need to complete the booking form with their own personal information.

For more information and to buy tickets, go to the Young Farmers Festival website.