A world of teeming life in a patch of woodland

A REMARKABLE new book takes the reader on a fascinating journey to the heart of ancient woodland. Superbly illustrated with colour photographs, it manages to be hugely informative and a delight to read. Rarely is an invaluable reference work such a visual treat.

From trees to the tiniest insect, the interdependence of species so vital for biodiversity is explained in a lively and candid style, not in the abstract but as found in the 11 different woods researched for the book. The author has 40 acres of woodland herself – and it shows in her writing.

Portrait of a Woodland, written by Charlotte de la Bedoyere, Search Press, 25. This hardback book is available to FW readers at a special postage-inclusive price of 21 from Search Press, by telephoning 01892 510850. Offer ends Jan 31, 2005.