ADAS begins graduate recruitment drive

Agricultural and environmental consultancy ADAS is to begin recruiting new graduates at the end of January 2012.

Over the past two years, the consultancy has taken on 25 graduates through its Graduate Scheme as part of a strategy to ensure it has succession plan in plan for the future.

Graduates have been recruited to jobs in a variety of areas including management, agriculture, farming systems, livestock, vegetables, fruit, weeds, pests, disease, soils, water and modelling. 

James Clarke science and buisness development manager at ADAS said:

“Our approach to recruitment has changed to reflect fewer agricultural graduates. ADAS now tpically recruits people with biological or environmental sciences degrees or masters.”

The Scheme involves a programme of workshops and mentoring to give new staff agricultural knowledge and the skills relevant to the job.

A combination of formal and on the job training is designed to enable new staff to continue to learn and develop in their field while working alongside experienced colleagues.

Farming systems graduate Steven Tompkins, said: “The graduate scheme has allowed me to get fully involved in the day to day roles and responsibilities of being an ADAS consultant. 

“Those I work with have provided me a great platform for learning and personal development through giving me opportunities to develop and show my capability.”

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