Adrian Harrison has been busy in the calving shed

I am dictating as I eat a very large piece of banoffee pie while the wife is typing for me. (This may make you laugh but how many of you would admit to being the famous one-finger typist.)

Last month’s article was a bit gloomy so I will try and make this a more uplifting – a good sugar rush does wonders for morale… hence the banoffee pie.

Spring is here at last, it is light first thing on a morning, and dare I say it, the grass is starting to green up.

We have applied the first application of fertiliser at 100kg an acre on grazing land and the first cut application is going to be applied at 150kg an acre. Here’s hoping for a mid April turnout. Our cows always let us know when it time to go out as they get extremely restless.

Things have come to life – a bit of sunshine and dry weather and everything starts to happen. The calving shed has gone mad with nine heifers calving in a three-day period along with a couple of sheep lambing from our huge flock of five.

The cows are milking well, averaging 21 litres a cow at 5.4% fat and 3.8% protein. Fodder beet has finished now and we have gone onto 5kg of filter mash grains along with 5kg blend, 0.5kg straw to make Maintenance+ 17 litres and fed to yield in parlour.

Nothing in the offing for an April milk price rise after 1p per litre for March, I am on their case, as we need to see a better return from the current market place. Maybe I should place an advert in The Grocer magazine asking for a herdsman, hours up to 90 a week and pay £1.97 an hour. I wonder if there would be any takers.