Autumn 2006 was the warmest for 347 years

Autumn 2006 was the warmest for 347 years, according to figures from the Met Office.

In Central England the provisional mean temperature this year was 12.6 °C. The previous highest figure for the equivalent period was 11.8 °C, recorded in 1730 and 1731.

The provisional UK-wide mean temperature for autumn was 11.3 °C, beating the previous record set in 2001 of 10.5 °C, in a temperature series that began in 1914.

The current Met Office winter forecast indicates a continuation of the mild theme, with a higher probability of above average temperatures during December, January and February.


  2006 mean autumn temperature Previous record    Year of previous record
UK 11.3 10.5


 England  12.4  11.3  2005
 Northern Ireland   10.8  10.7  2001
 Scotland   9.8  9.2   2001
 Wales  11.4  10.9  1959