Best of 2007 – Arable Farmer Focus columnist quotes of the year on food and the environment

Our Arable Farmer Focus writers always provide an entertaining take on farm life each week – here’s a selection of their best comments on FOOD AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

“Eating organic food is a lifestyle choice, but some of it is bought for its snob value.” Richard Ward (19 January)

“Recent press coverage that organic food is no better than conventional was a breath of fresh air.” James Stafford (2 February)

“Anybody would think that starting a bonfire would cause the whole planet to self-destruct.” Richard Ward (11 May)

“I am keeping 20 fewer beef animals than normal to balance the CO2 emissions of my old Jag.” Jim Alston (18 May)

“Now that the GM version [of soya] is not an option [in Romania], this year’s planted area has dropped by 75%.” Jim Alston (15 June)

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