Better NFU group unveils new advertising campaign

The campaign group Better NFU has launched a campaign poster to highlight the crisis in farming and what it claims is a lack of effective action by the NFU.

The group is led by Farmers For Action chairman David Handley and Somerset farmer Derek Mead who are running for the positions of NFU president and deputy president.

The two men unveiled the poster outside the London NFU offices in Smith Square on Monday, 13 Feb. 

The poster is based on the famous ‘Labour Isn¹t Working’ advertisement from the 1979 General Election and will be used around the country at a series of regional meetings with farmers. 

A regional tour begins in Cornwall on 13 February and will run through to the NFU Annual Conference in Birmingham on 27 February.

Commenting on the advertising campaign, Mr Handley said: “The NFU has become a weak and ineffective body that simply fails to stand up for farmers’ interests. 

“Farming is facing a real crisis in Britain with 50,000 jobs predicted to be lost in the next few years. 

“That is why I am standing as NFU president. I believe I can provide a new, dynamic leadership that will make our voices heard and help secure a fairer deal for the farming industry.”

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