Blog: Who will pay £1m for a dead pigeon preserved in red diesel?

David Richardson has been reading about the Damien Hirst art sale and wonders if he could make some money himself. Here’s what he’s been saying on his blog

Following the highly successful auction of pieces by Damien Hirst at Sotherby’s which grossed over £70m in one day, including more than £10m for a dead calf, I have decided to auction a few of my own artistic creations. With luck they will attract the attention of underbidders at the Hirst event and the income generated will go part way towards paying for next year’s nitrogen fertiliser.

The first piece is the carcass of a dead pigeon preserved in red diesel fuel. It was the first casualty to be found attacking this years rape crops and was shot by me on Sept 14 with a twelve bore and a 28gm number 6 cartridge. It is entitled “Gottcha you b……”

The second piece on offer is a plaster cast of a rut in one of our harvest fields featuring the tread of a rare Michelin tyre and the unmistakable marks made by really sad stubble and a few sprouted grains, the whole decorated in a sticky dirty yellowy brown. I have named it “2008- a harvest to hate.”

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For another take on the Damien Hirst sale – which included a dead Charolais bull which went for £10.3m – read Tim Relf’s Field Day.

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