Charity produces ‘buy local’ pamphlet

An environment charity has produced a pamphlet which challenges consumers to buy locally produced foods.


The booklet has been launched by Common Ground with help from DEFRA’s Environmental Action Fund.


Entitled Producing the Goods 1, the pamphlet challenges producers and consumers to think more creatively about locality as they grow and eat.


It explains the importance of supporting local producers and calls for more information on exactly where our food comes from – down to the farm and the field.


Sue Clifford, director of Common Ground, said: “Eating should be a creative act – we can all help to change our local world for the better.


“By choosing to eat more locally-grown and, if possible, organic food in season, we can directly demand the best from our food producers and give nature a better deal.


“We make less of an impact on the environment by reducing packaging as well as food and shopping miles.”


Common Ground has also added a new section to its website, also called Producing the Goods.