Spud-tacular tractor driving ends in chaos

A tractor driver caught out by a particularly bendy road in Lincolnshire lost control of a trailer laden with 10t of potatoes and deposited them onto the driveway of a bungalow.

Passer-by Eddie Hewitt from Wainfleet came across the overturned trailer and tossed tatties on the A52 in Friskney on Monday (30 October).

He told the Lincolnshire Live web site that the trailer came off the tractor on a bend and overturned neatly on the end of the unfortunate homeowner’s driveway, leaving the road clear.

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“The homeowner is having chips for tea,” he joked.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “A trailer tipped over just before 3.00pm. There are no injuries and it is a very minor lane so not really affecting traffic.”

But the potato trailer was not the only load of fresh produce to fall victim to the very big bends on the A52 from Boston to Skegness.

Merely an hour later and just 13 miles further south on the same road, a trailer of cockle shells was spilled across the road after it overturned at Liquorpond roundabout in Boston.

Unlike the spuds, the cockle shells caused severe disruption for traffic in the area.

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