Committee of inquiry on crofting starts work

Scottish ministers have appointed members to a Committee of Inquiry on crofting.

The committee, established under the chairmanship of Professor Mark Shucksmith, will engage proactively with crofting communities to establish a vision for the future of crofting.

Scotland’s deputy rural development minister Sarah Boyack said: “Crofting has supported and sustained rural communities for generations.

“This committee will consider how crofting can best continue to sustain and enhance the population of rural Scotland, improve economic vitality, safeguard our landscape and biodiversity and promote cultural diversity.

“Under the leadership of Mark Shucksmith, the committee will be well placed to draw on its members’ knowledge of crofting conditions across all the main crofting areas of the Highlands and Islands to develop a vision for the future of crofting.”

The committee is expected to complete its work by the end of 2007 and report to ministers as soon as possible thereafter.