Cornish farmer rescues driver stuck on Newquay beach

A farmer from Cornwall came to the rescue of a motorist who got stuck on a popular beach in Newquay at the weekend, giving yet another reason to thank a farmer.

The elderly driver managed to beach his white Seat Ibiza car in the sand as he attempted to turn around and a local farmer was called on to pull the car from the rapidly advancing tide with a New Holland tractor.

A Newquay Coastguard spokesperson said: “The team was paged at 2.22pm on Saturday, 2 December, to a report of a vehicle stuck in the sand at Great Western Beach in Newquay.

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Car stranded on beach © Newquay Coastguard

© Newquay Coastguard

“On arrival the team made sure everyone was safe and conveyed the driver’s elderly passengers, who were cold and had medical conditions, to a local hotel where they were safe and warm.

“The driver was put in touch with a local farmer and arrangements were made to tow his car out. The farmer arrived in the nick of time.”

Car stranded on beach © Newquay Coastguard

© Newquay Coastguard

The coastguard spokesperson added that people should not drive on to beaches unless they are in a suitable vehicle and know it is safe to do so.

Watch the video below of the rescue taking place.

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