Dog walker terrified after big cat spot

A dog walker says she was left terrified after seeing a “panther-like creature” in woodland in Leicestershire.

The sighting of the mystery “big cat” on Tuesday (15 September) was the latest in the Moira area.

The cat is believed to have been responsible for the deaths of several sheep in the past.

There was a sighting of another panther-like creature in the same area last month, with others earlier in nearby Measham and Whitwick.

Jenny Worthington was walking with her husband and their dog near the Conkers tourist park to investigate a paw-print the size of her hand they had seen a few days earlier.

“I looked up and there it was,” Mrs Worthington said.

“It was straight in front of me, about 100 yards away. My heart was in my mouth, and I stood there scared rigid, staring at it.

“It was skulking through the grass and had a long tail. I’m sure it was some sort of black panther.

“It ran off, but every time I think about it the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.”

Gerry O’Brien, head ranger at Conkers, said: “It’s worth investigating. You never know what’s out there.”

David Spencer of Leicestershire and Rutland Panther Watch said the sighting definitely needed further investigation.

Click on the link to watch our video of the Farmers Weekly team searching for a big cat.

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