Enter the Farmers Weekly awards with a video

Entries to the Farmers Weekly Awards can be submitted via video for the first time this year.

Writing isn’t everyone’s strong point, so if you’re more comfortable talking about your job, farm and achievements rather than writing it all down, why not enter with a video?

If you’re entering one of our Farmer categories you might give a brief tour of your farm – explaining its main features, income streams, recent investments and any diversifications.

Or if you’re entering the Contractor, Farmworker or Farm Adviser category, perhaps you could talk about the service you provide, what keeps your customers coming back time and time again and what sets you apart from the competition. Last year, East Yorkshire carrot grower Guy Poskitt created a video as a supplement to his entry and went on to win the 2012 Farmers Weekly Farmer of the Year Award.

“Guy Poskitt showed how effective a video could be in supporting these awards entries,” said awards director Debbie Beaton.

“It gave him the opportunity to show the diversity of his farming business and parts of the farm that he knew couldn’t shoehorn into a an entry form. “It’s powerful, and often a lot easier, to simply show – and talk about – what makes your farming business stand out than write it down. It worked for him. Perhaps it could work for you?”



  • Who you are
  • Where you’re from
  • A summary of your business
  • Technical details (such as rearing policies, health management, breeding and feeding programmes , grassland and forage management)
  • How your business demonstrates social and environmental responsibility
  • Your workforce and your leadership


  1. Upload your video to Youtube
  2. Enter the relevant category on the Farmers Weekly Awards website.
  3. Complete all personal information (name, farm address, phone number and so on)
  4. Write a short summary in each of the question boxes (keep it short – most of the info should be in your video)
  5. Include the YouTube link of the video in one of the question boxes

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For more information about entering the awards – either by video or in writing, visit the Farmers Weekly Awards website.

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