Farmer-to-farmer gifts this Christmas

The charity Send a Cow has launched its new gift catalogue, offering the perfect solution to those looking for unusual presents this Christmas.

Training in animal care, growing crops and preventing livestock disease are just three of the gifts in the catalogue which reflects the diversity of the charity’s work in Africa.

Send a Cow transforms the lives of some of the poorest farmers through training and support and has enabled thousands to leave poverty behind since it was established over 20 years ago.

From locally sourced sheep and cows to trees, stoves and bees, presents start from as little as £5.

Others include training on how to mix and use compost (£7); training in animal wellbeing and basic veterinary care (£15); tree planting to overcome climate change and prevent soil erosion (£75) and help and materials for a water storage pit (£200).

For further information or for a copy of the catalogue, call 01225 871 946.

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