Farmers voice views on greatest farming innovation

Farmers Weekly readers have been putting their ideas forward for the greatest farming innovation of the past 75 years.

As part of our 75th birthday celebrations, and in association with EB Equipment, we’re seeking to identify some of the products and inventions that have transformed the way we farm.

Here are some of the suggestions so far:

“I would have said the loader as before that everything from cleaning out the sheds to carrying the bales etc had to be done by hand.” SJK

“Some would say the Land Rover, Quad bike or maybe the Toyota Hi Lux. Or how about Swarfega hand cleaner, the automatic washing machine (got to get a clean boilersuit somehow) and the internet?” He his-self

“I always tell students who come to the farm that there are three things that revolutionised extensive livestock farming. The mobile phone has already been mentioned, this however allowed better and faster communication, but did get rid of people as there was no longer a requirement for someone to make or answer calls at the farm house/office. The quad bike has enabled one man to cover much larger areas and look after greater numbers, again removing people from the land. The electric fence has enabled stock to be more easily kept on unfenced land.” Frank the wool

“Round-Up (Glyphosate)? The farmer’s friend – revolutionised grass weed control and paved the way for continuous high yielding cereal production.” AllyR

“There is no doubt that it is Harry Ferguson’s three point linkage. Anyone who disagrees must come up with reasoned arguments why not.” Old Macdonald

Read more suggestions and add your own here.

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