Farmers Weekly in unusual places

We’ve seen you at the Six Nations Championship, on the ski slopes, on the beach, on boats – you’ve even sent us a shot from Cuba.

You’ve certainly embraced the challenge after we asked to see photos of you with copies of Farmers Weekly in bizarre or unusual places. Students have tried to out-do each other; holiday-makers have packed copies of their favourite farming read in a bid to be featured in the slot.

The latest came from members of Whimple & Broadclyst Young Farmers Club in Devon. The picture was taken last weekend on the South West Area activities weekend in Newquay and shows Emily York, Melissa Down, Hannah Grabham, Pete Bowditch and Caroline Trude.

“During the weekend there were sports and speaking competitions, an ARAC forum and nights out, however we still found time to read Farmers Weekly in perfect sunshine on the beach at Newquay,” says Caroline.

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