Prince Philip: ‘Farming’s too important to be left to farmers’

Prince Philip has whipped the tabloids into a frenzy again – this time over a quote about farming being “too important” to be left to farmers, revealed in a new biography.

In a book about the life of the Duke of Edinburgh, royal biographer Karen Dolby shares how the 97-year-old royal was asked if he thought conservation was too important an issue to be left to conservationists.

In true outspoken style, the duke is reported to have replied: “I would say that farming is too important to be left to farmers.”

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The book, The Wicked Wit of Prince Philip, documents the outspokenness and occasional gaffes of the royal’s many decades in public life.

We’re not too sure what he meant by this comment – but to quote another famous royal: “We are not amused”. This is not the first time that Prince Philip has spoken up about agriculture.

In 2009 he expressed a critical view of modern farming practices in an interview with the Shooting Times, saying dairy farmers are “constantly trying to produce cattle that will produce more milk and less cow, like a hat rack with an udder attached.

“Even more ridiculous is the fact that milk is actually cheaper than bottled water.” We certainly agree with the latter part of that quote.

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