Final chance to win £500 in our Beautiful British Landscapes photo competition

This is the final week for entries in the Beautiful British Landscapes photo competition we are running in association with the Woodland Trust.

The idea of the competition is simple – to capture the magnificent countryside in all its many forms. And the people working in agriculture are probably best placed to do this, knowing the land and all its wonders.

You could enter a picture you go out and capture this week, or a shot from your archives. The winning picture will net £500 and be published in Farmers Weekly.

To find out more and enter, just go to our photo competition page.

We have had hundreds of lovely photos entered – here is a snapshot of the photos to inspire you.

 Kendal Rough Fell hoggs

rough fell hoggs

Gallery user MrsB said: “Our hoggs watching my every move this morning to see where I’m going to drive the snacker!”

View across the Tyne Valley


Uploaded by gallery user Mick Vardy.


bluebell woods

Captured by FWi user darentvalley. 

Summer shelter


Red Ruby Devon cattle seek shade from the summer sun. This one was uploaded to our gallery by “Red Ruby Heifer”.

Old time driving


“Idyllic forestry backdrop for old-time Landrover drive,” Landy123 captioned this one.

Autumnal oak tree

autumnal harvest

“Farmboy81” submitted this snap of an autumnal oak tree sitting behind the “beet store” in the foreground with sugar beet harvest going on in the background.

Sponsor’s message

Woodland Trust logo

Trees and woods are crucial components of some of our best-loved landscapes.

They provide homes for wildlife and food and fuel. They help to support farming systems by offering shade for livestock, shelter for crops and assisting field drainage.

Sadly, tree pests and diseases pose a serious threat to our woods and trees and we risk losing them and their many benefits.

Planting a diverse mix of native tree species can help protect the landscapes that we hold dear and increase their ability to bounce back from the impacts of pests and diseases.

The Woodland Trust works with farmers to offer one-to-one advice and support for planting trees. Visit the Woodland Trust website for more information

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