‘First year was amazing, but utterly disappointed in second year’

Wiltshire College Lackham

I went to Lackham in Wiltshire and studied NDFM. The course in the first year was amazing and I learnt so much and had the time of my life. It was full of practicals and the tutors knew what they were on about. When I told people I was there they knew about the college – all was good!

However due to spending cuts in my second year (this year) the course, along with other agricultural courses, were cut from four days a week to effectively two-and-a-quarter and they weren’t even consecutive days. Costing approximately £400 a month to live in just wasn’t justifiable and unable to find a local job I had to start looking to leave and find a full time job (which I did).

I was utterly disappointed. My point here is, we are trying to encourage young people in to the Ag sector so why make college so hard for them? I know lots of people that are in the same boat as I was, not being able to justify all the money for college training for only a couple of days a week.

Shame, the campus was excellent, all the facilities we wanted were there in the workshops or for social stuff.

writes Littlemase

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