Food strike shows price cutting has gone too far – Grant Thornton

A leading firm of accountants has said farmers three day production strike is a clear sign that the price cutting tactics of supermarkets have gone too far.

Duncan Swift, head of Grant Thornton’s food and agribusiness recovery group, also warned that further industrial action could follow.

“Today’s strike is a clear signal that farmers are saying no to the ‘always cutting prices’ policies UK supermarkets are promoting.

“It’s mainly dairy today, but I can see it being meat or vegetable producers tomorrow.

“The recognition of uneconomic returns and the affirmation of supplier power to refuse to supply is a rarely used tool in the UK food industry’s armoury.

“I suspect that given the prevailing conditions in the dairy and other food commodity sectors, such a tactic could become much more commonplace.”

Mr Swift added that the likelihood of further food industry strikes, reflected in part the dismal failings of the Supermarket Code of Practice.