FW 75: What will farming be like in 2084?

Farmers Weekly is producing a 75th anniversary supplement which will come free with the issue of 30 October.

One of the articles will be a look at how farming might have changed by the year 2084.

People have put forward their suggestions for the changes that could occur in the next 75 years.

We’re also encouraging readers to pitch in with their views, which is generating a tongue-in-cheek – but interesting – thread on the forums. If we get enough, then there could be the makings of a follow-up article.

Here’s what you’ve suggested on the forums so far:

“Fox hunting ban will be lifted and the UK will produce the bulk of its own electricity in an eco-friendly way” – Meggiewes

“Wheat will be £2000/t due to mass hunger and the non-availability of fossil fuels to make nitrogen fertiliser” – Glasshouse

“All land across the western world will be in the hands of the state, either directly though compulsion, or indirectly through stringent price and legislative control” – Teslacoils

Bioresources Weekly – which replaced Farmers Weekly in 2020 – is thriving.” – The greenth

See what others have written – and add your own thoughts – on the forum thread.

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