FWi users vote ‘no’ to RAC rebrand

84% of FWi website users believe the Royal Agricultural College should not change its name to incorporate the word “university”.

We asked visitors to the site “Do you think Should the Royal Agricultural College update its name?” and it quickly became clear that the majority were in favour of the college retaining its current name. Just 110 were in favour, while more than 550 respondents opposed the name change,

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Principal Chris Gaskell and governors at the RAC submitted plans to rebrand the Royal Agricultural College (RAC) as the “Royal Agricultural University” to reflect its status and enhance its reputation, but the move has attracted fierce opposition. At the time of writing, more than 1,000 people have signed an online petition against the name change, including former students and NFU vice president Adam Quinney.

But the final decision may not be as clear-cut as the outcome of a poll. Former student Gary Markham has suggested another solution – adding the word “university” so it becomes the Royal Agricultural College University, rather than abandoning the college name completely.

The RAC’s proposed name change is getting people talking on our forums — here is a selection of comments:

  • “Alumni don’t want to see a 150-year-old brand name ditched just to swell a few egos. If the RAC already has the power to award degrees, then why go any further?” Brisel

  • “Why lose the brand name? Everybody in the farming world will have heard of the RAC.” Welshnwilling

  • “The Royal Agricultural College specialises in things linked to agriculture, and does them well. In the unhappy event of it trying to become a full university with all the ramifications that implies, it will inevitably become a third-rate “also ran” like so many excellent technical colleges and specialist colleges that call themselves universities nowadays.” 2658336


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