Game Fair visitors hit out over Friday traffic problems

Visitors to the Game Fair 2008 have been voicing their anger about the traffic chaos on the opening morning.

Many roads were gridlocked, causing would-be showgoers to arrive late or even abandon their plans to attend the event.

One FWi forums user talked of being stuck for three hours in stationary traffic “like rats in a trap”. It was, he says, “utter chaos” and he vowed to demand a refund of his ticket price.

Show organisers said they had done everything they could ahead of the doors opening, and blamed the jams on a combination of rush-hour traffic and accidents.

Game Fair director David Hough said they’d been working closely with the police and local council and that their planning was “sound”.

One particular accident, which resulted in a road closure, had a terrible knock-on effect, he said. “It was the nightmare scenario.”

The fact that traffic flowed smoothly on Saturday morning, when there were 10,000 more visitors than on the Friday, proved that the traffic management plan they’d put in place worked – and the congestion was caused by accidents and, therefore, beyond their control.

He promised, however, to review traffic plans thoroughly before the Fair returns to Blenheim.

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