Get tweeting to meet farm minister

Young people in farming are being given the chance to meet farm minister David Heath in person simply by sending a tweet.

DEFRA is asking young people across the country to tweet @Defragovuk with what they see as the key barriers facing their future in farming, using the hashtag #meetfm.

Mr Heath will then review all the responses and invite five individuals to meet him at the Houses of Parliament to discuss how to get more young people working in food and farming.

All the ideas from the meeting will be fed into the government’s Future of Farming group, who are reviewing issues affecting new entrants to the industry.

The group will be led by David Fursdon, chairman of the South West Rural and Farming Network.

“Producing food more sustainably is a huge challenge and we can only hope to meet it by having the right people entering the industry,” he said.

“To make this happen, we want to listen to young people’s experiences to make sure the right people are entering the industry and have the support to establish their businesses.”

Tweeters have until Thursday 24 January 2013 to get their tweets in.

How to enter

  • Go to Twitter
  • If you haven’t already, register on the site
  • Send a tweet to @Defragovuk with what you think is the key barrier(s) to your future in farming
  • Make sure you include the hashtag #meetfm

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